08 April 2008

Jazz@the AM

Spent 4 evenings at the jazz session in New Cross, Amersham Arms, in February and March, preparing for my radio program which I hope can be of use for the organisers in the future.
Every Tuesday night - maybe every fortnight now..
I want to thank them for those moments, it's very touching to attend this gathering of regulars (be it the musicians, casual neighbouring students, locals..).
I will leave a copy of my Radio piece in the next weeks at the Amersham Arms.
Long life to the evening gathering of music and its souls!

I hope you enjoy those few pictures...

1 comment:

amjamjazz said...

Thanks for the exposure. It's the 'Am', by the way. As in: 'I am'.

I'm sure that Colin would love to get the material. Just pop along on an Am night with it.

We should get mutual links organised between our two blogs. Agreed?